The Origins of Vuzzu

Put simply, we created Vuzzu because we couldn’t find a site that met our exact needs. The creators of Vuzzu both own several sites that use WordPress and were complete newbies when they first got these sites. While the Internet is full of information about how to use WordPress and the best ways to create your site, we never found a place that compiled information and organized it in a way that made sense to us. So once we became more comfortable using WordPress ourselves, we launched Vuzzu to come to the rescue of others and help people learn how to use the platform.

The Creators of Vuzzu

Roger Knight: Roger is the guru of design. He’s an artist who has multiple sites for selling and showcasing the different media he works in (painting, sculpture, Web design). If you have a Web design question, Roger is your guy. Most of our design content is generated by him.

Denise Miller: Denise can help you with the functions of your site. She’ll guide you on the layout and help you when you’re stuck on figuring out how to make which button do what. Need to place music or a slideshow? It’s not too hard! Denise will explain it all. Denise has a lot of experience explaining the technical side to life, as she’s a high school science teacher. She got her start with WordPress when she wanted to start a website for the school’s science club. Now, whenever the school needs a website, it’s Denise to the rescue, and she’s here to help you, too.